Social Impact trade mission delegation

Deep dive in vibrant Kenyan startup scene brings opportunities to the surface
Written by Irmgard Jansen
Replicating Inclusive Business: Meet and Multiply!
Nicolas Chevrollier
Who Follows the Frontrunners? Women as Inclusive Business Partners
Finding Bangladesh’s Jamie Oliver
​This blog is written by Aline Krämer, founder and managing director of Endeva.
Innovation on Wheels: reimagining gender roles and nutrition in rural Bangladesh
It takes two to tango
Barbara Klemann
Inclusive Business frontrunners start South-South replication
Online bootcamp: The last mile challenge as a first opportunity
Nicolas Chevrollier
The scaling quest: Let’s unite to solve 5 key barriers!
Nicolas Chevrollier
What does an Inclusive Business entrepreneur really need?
Emile Schmitz
The pro's & con's of public funding for bottom-up private sector development
Whats really on the mind of the BoP Consumer? Part three.
Written by Wendy van der Klein
Food industry should take a close look at breweries
Written by Niek van Dijk and Irmgard Jansen
What my 4 years old son taught me about Marketing to the BoP
Written by Emile Schmitz
2SCALE stories from the field: onions without tears
2SCALE stories from the field: sesame ready for takeof
2SCALE stories from the field: precision fertilizers
2SCALE stories from the field: chilly or hot
Bomba: excellent water provision for rural communities in Tanzania
Marleen Brouwer
Marketing essentials for targeting low-income consumers
Benjamin van der Hilst
Using insect protein for animal feed is groundbreaking
Written by Bertil van Vugt of
Recap – Scaling Inclusive Business Investments
Scaling Inclusive Business Investments
Irmgard Jansen
Dutch agrofood practices in Africa: match or mismatch?
Laurens Collée & Niek van Dijk


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