Flying Food

PICT0259Flying Food is a public private consortium from Kenya, Uganda and the Netherlands, led by our strategic partners TNO and ICCO. It aims to realize a system innovation by shifting from seasonally collecting insects in the wild to a year round supply of crickets.


In parts of Africa insects are already popular as food. However, they are generally harvested manually in the wild. This makes them expensive, seasonal and vulnerable to extinction. Thanks to the 'Flying Food' initiative, they are soon available throughout the year, at a reasonable price and in different forms. Crickets have a number of advantages. They are not demanding in terms of housing and food, they are suitable for consumption within eight weeks and are full of protein and micronutrients. Crickets are attractive not only from an economic point of view, but also for their ecological sustainability. They are much more efficient in the production of animal proteins, than for example cattle.


We support the market identification, implementation and consumer research.


Theme: Food systems

Partners: TNO, ICCO NL & ICCO Rocea, Jagran, VENIK, Kreca, Ruig, Nostimos, New Generation Nutrition HAS, ADS (Kenya), JOOUST (Kenya), BADDA (Uganda), MIXA (Kenya), KBL (Kenya)

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This project is a public-private partnership, supported by the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.