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Branding for Ethiopian vegetable farmers? Of course!

Although a branding workshop might not be directly associated with a farmer group, it’s proven to be highly relevant for the Ethiopian vegetable farmers’ union Meki Batu Union (MBU). In collaboration with BopInc and the 2SCALE program, the farmers’ union is working hard on innovating the vegetable market in Ethiopia and branding is playing an important role in their ambitious mission. Especially for their strategy to enhance their own vegetable shops: enabling farmers to directly sell their vegetables to consumers.

"I know how to present myself to customers"

Mr. Ireso Denbal

Mr. Ireso Denbal is not only a farmer, he is also the board secretary of the Meki Batu Union (MBU), one of our partners in  Ethiopia. MBU is a vegetable and fruit growers’ cooperative union in Ethiopia with nearly 8000 farmer members. The partnership with 2SCALE is helping farmers to maximize profits through new methods of production and better market linkages. We asked Ireso about his life as a farmer and board member of the Union, as well as his experience with 2SCALE.



Mr. Ireso Denbal

"I know how to present myself to customers"
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