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The city of Delft – a beacon of creativity

Delft University of Technology

The city of Delft. For some of the readers it will ring a bell and others might have never heard of it.  For those who are familiar with Delft will associate it with ‘Delft Blue’ (Delftware) - and that is no surprise when you consider that Delft ceramics have been an important export and tourists’ product. Others might associate the city with the 17th century master painter Johannes Vermeer. There is more to this ‘uber-Dutch’ city - situated under the shadows of ‘big brother metropole’ Rotterdam. No this is not a city-marketing ad – this is a report of our trip to one of the technology and innovation hotspots in the Netherlands and Europe.

The impact of food standards on inclusive growth in agriculture: the case of Bangladesh

Smallholder farmers in developing countries are increasingly integrated into global markets, and the development of food standards worldwide has an increasingly influence on these smallholder farmers, even if they only produce for the national markets. Even though several thought leaders agree that potentially these trends can have a positive effect on smallholder farmers, others argue that food standards are reinforcing global inequality and poverty.