We develop, learn about and accelerate inclusive businesses that serve the demand of low-income groups at the base of the pyramid with affordable, quality products and services.
What’s in it for?

4 bln people to reach

Step into a fast growing, largely untapped market.

social return

Get investment-ready business propositions with financial and social return

focus on people

Support in business development together with local entrepreneurs

knowledge into tools

Turn your research data into valuable tools

sustainable aid

Support SMEs doing inclusive business in emerging markets

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BoP Innovation Cycle
The BoP Innovation Cycle represents the iterative phases of the process of developing inclusive product and service innovation.

Bop Incubator

What we do

Program highlight

PROOFS is a new food & nutrition program about connecting farmers in rural Bangladesh, training business skills and engaging private sector companies in concrete business opportunities.

Tweets @BoPInc

It is time to put an end to useless products designed for people in crummy situations. #bopbiz #socent http://t.co/snXBl9G7ae
Unilever sees 'opportunity to create a genuinely inclusive and sustainable business model from scratch' in Ethiopia. http://t.co/ZQ2PRbmxpM
3 inclusive businesses that may become models for any further development of the South African horticultural sector. http://t.co/3ADFJmB4iI
The road ahead for South Africa’s horticultural sector. A blogpost by @dijkniek http://t.co/7Wliva1oKH #bopbiz #socent
Ugandan companies reach out for support to accelerate their business. http://t.co/Vf5nUbdjuz

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