We develop, learn about and accelerate inclusive businesses that serve the demand of low-income groups at the base of the pyramid with affordable, quality products and services.
What’s in it for?

4 bln people to reach

Step into a fast growing, largely untapped market.

social return

Get investment-ready business propositions with financial and social return

focus on people

Support in business development together with local entrepreneurs

knowledge into tools

Turn your research data into valuable tools

sustainable aid

Support SMEs doing inclusive business in emerging markets

Africa Works! 2014

Workshop: Inclusive Value Chains
Join BoP Innovation Center for a workshop on inclusive value chains at Africa Works on 16 October at 11am. Our Nigerian business partners will share their vision. Register at AfricaWorks.nl

Free publication

BoP Innovation Cycle
The BoP Innovation Cycle represents the iterative phases of the process of developing inclusive product and service innovation.

Webinar: Women as Inclusive Business Partners

Women as Entrepreneurs in the Delivery Chain - Thursday 6 November 2014, 16:00 – 17:00
Women make a difference in supply chains in Africa and Bangladesh. Register for our free webinars featuring Unilever’s Shakti Program and I-Care

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Do you want to grow your #inclusivebusiness? Do you need advice? Join the IB Accelerator http://t.co/XAahQQ3gBA #bopbiz
Free webinar! Does your supply chain reflect the power of women in emerging economies? Join our free webinar http://t.co/EmNImtfcSX #bopbiz
How can #inclusivebusiness contribute to #WomenEmpowerment? Join our free webinar to find out http://t.co/EmNImtfcSX #bopbiz
Thank you to @FMO_development , @the_IDB , @IBAventures and all participants for the great event yesterday! #IBinvest http://t.co/ZbnvWk6qnm
RT @MarnixSegers: "Inclusive business may sound scary, but keep it simple: start small, learn fast and scale" Thx @FMO_development @MircoGo

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